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Since I have been tagged by Goldi like a species that is on the verge of extinction...here are 10 things I actually love.

10) Non Formulaic Movies - I hate happily ever after. I love when heroes die, people don't wind up together and the crippled guy is Kaizer Soze.

9)Swords and Knives - What can I say if it's sharp and cuts things I like it. I also respect a sword fight more than a shootout. I can sit on a rooftop from a hundred yards away and shoot you, if you don't move I can just close my eyes and pull the trigger. A sword fight means I better be skilled, have a good sword and be able to learn you as an opponent. One of my favorite edged weapons is my trusty Butterfly. Sharp enough to be useful, involved enough to make an asshole back up and think.

8)Being Calm - Doesn't sound like much but I love being in the middle of chaos and not blinking. Calmly explaining things while people kirk out. I learned along time ago the worse thing in any situation is the reaction of scared or angry people. It's also good when a woman is angry and starts to fuss. My tone goes lower and lower and I become more and more rational. After a while people realize that they are screaming and starting to look silly. It takes longer for them to calm down when I can't wipe the smirk off my face.

7)Star Wars - I don't care how nerdy it sounds. I love Star Wars. It is the oldest experience I have that is still producing new information (besides my constant study of stupid people and sex).

6) Music - Without music I would kill people until captured. Nina Simone and Sade have saved many lives. The type of musice I listen to changes how I drive. Good for sex. Good for parties. Good for mood. Dancing. "Women can't love me like music, sweet music", but women do great in their own rite.

5)Performing Live - There are few feelings like looking out into a crowd and knowing they are keyed in on you. Having a band back you up and seeing them get into your words and up the level of their play. People saying or singing your chorus. The best part is the moment it all becomes reflex. When the words spill out of you as oppossed to feeling like you're saying them. Nothing like a live show.

4)Being insubordinate - I hate the rules. I think most of them are stupid and have no purpose. I am actually a great employee/citizen, but any chance I get I will modify, bend and break the rules. Perhaps I see a flaw and a way to improve things. Maybe I just don't like the way I was spoken to. Maybe it's tuesday. I love not doing what I'm told and getting away with it. I also enjoy doing something no one wants me to, getting caught and not caring.

3)Women and Sex - Simple answer, perhaps. Expected, maybe. It is the truth though. I love women. I love the differences in them. I love how the smallest thing they do can be sooo sexy. I love when women are caring and when they put their foot down. Sexually I'm like I was when Nintendo came out. I don't want to go home or to work, I just want to stay where I am and indulge. I love to find out what turns a woman on. I love pulling them close and anticipating. I love waking up and finding someone gripping my body. I love when someone is active!!! These could be seperate entries based on some things I enjoy about women, but sex without one...isn't.

2)Nature - Though I require many things about the city I love nature. Swimming, hiking, and walking in the grass with no shoes on. Watching the sunset over a body of water or a hill as oppossed to the city skyline. If I could live on a hill with the city in a valley beyond that might be the perfect place for me.

1)Freedom - I love waking when I please. Speaking or not. Going out of town based on a 10 minute conversation. Whipping through the lanes on the interstate. Not being restricted. Using my logic and my imagination as I feel and not as others dictate. Doing something because I was told not to. Not feeling obligated to call and things still being cool. Dropping in on people. Drinking beer in the movies. I like doing what I want to. Drinking a beer at 10am. Turning up my music. Grabbing my nuts when talking to executives. Using sign language to call superiors assholes.

If this thing spreads like a virus then I have to give it to Gunner Kaufman and Still Talking Shit cause I don't think puppies and kittens will be the top of their list...I could be wrong.


Blogger Goldi said...

You would do intangibles (or however yous spell it). Thumbs up for knives/swords and being insuborinate.

7:57 PM  
Blogger **RPM** said...

Very unique responses. Kaizer Soze may have been the best movie theory bitch slap of all time.

The sword thing is phallic. Absolutely phallic. I don't care what yall say. A sword fight is certainly sexier to watch. **RPM** thinks of Blade and Ken Watanabi in The Last Samurai.



10:46 PM  
Blogger Ty said...

When i came to your space and saw that knife i was kinda worried for a minute. Yeah knives do require more skill than guns do.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Beloved said...

@ Ty: Yeah, when I first rolled thru here I thought he was about to talk about playing war games w/ his loin cloth and Timbs.

On to the post, I've just been inspired by friends to partake of the Star Wars phenomenon. Since I'm on vacation next week, I'm catching up on all the old flicks and then taking myself to the movies to catch the latest.

4:08 PM  
Blogger Jdid said...

i like your list

10:42 PM  
Blogger Mala said...

I would see your 10 but I just can't do it. I guess there's satisfaction to be gained in knowing I like something...right?

10:46 PM  
Blogger Gunner Kaufman said...

While guns are for punks, i have to admit...knives scare the shit out of me! I tend to enjoy Bats, and Golf Clubs....

1:17 AM  

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